Advance Exchange

Advance Exchange Program

We’ve provided the same high quality refurbished part at a reduced initial price. As long as you follow the instructions and return your bad CORE within 14 calendar days of the initial order date, you’re out no additional cost. This includes free ground and return shipping. We have a wide selection of common parts in stock for this program making it cheaper than the cost of a standard refurbished part CORE exchange programs, and saving you money by avoiding the down-time involved in the normal repair process.

Free ground shipping both ways in the 48 Continental United States, any other method of shipping or shipments to anywhere outside of the 48 Continental United States will be full cost. Exchange product must be returned to Bell ATM using the return label provided within 14 calendar days from the initial order date. If the exchange product is not received in this time frame, the customer will be charged for the difference of the sale price and list price + freight costs.


See if your part qualifies for Advance Exchange below.