Aftermarket Locks

Bell ATM is proud to offer an exclusive solution for top cabinet security access for your ATM. These locks can be either ATM specific (not receommended) or ISO/IAD specific (recommended). All the ATMs you service or have under contract will be keyed identical, however the security key is not readily available on the internet so you can control and manage who has access to your installation base. For more information or a quotation, please contact us at Bell ATM: or call us at 1.888.772.1990.

Lock & Key

With these high security locks, you will get:

  • Pick-proof rotating disc tumbler.
  • Hardened steel spinner disc.
  • Restricted key profile.
  • 3 million usable key codes.
  • Exclusive & registered key codes.
  • Order restrictions.
  • All kiosks can be keyed alike or each keyed differently.
  • Master system available.
  • Custom assembled to orders to avoid code sharing.