Digital Locker

Digital Locker

Our new digital locker program is a storage and inventory management system that functions in much the same way as our third party logistic warehouse management program, but for customers who may not need to store or move as large a volume of parts.


Is signing up for the Digital Locker Program right for you? Let’s look at the facts:

For starters, it saves you the time and effort of having to receive inventory in your warehouse facility, store the part, then repackage and ship to your customer. By having Bell ATM blind ship your parts to your customer (shipping available 7PM EST), you’ll also save money on shipping fees.

Did you know we offer a six-month warranty on most repaired parts from the time the part leaves our facility? This means that if you are storing the part in your warehouse until it is needed, the warranty is ticking by. If you allow Bell ATM to store the part, you’ll preserve your warranty. This means that your part can be stored in our warehouse for an indefinite amount of time before being shipped to your customer.

Inventory management is completely in your control through our cloud-based management platform (available on all browsers). No more digging through the back of your truck for that elusive keypad and then trying to figure out if it’s good or bad! On this platform, you’ll be able to see when your cores are received, when a refurbished part has been placed into your inventory, and tracking details when you request a part to be sent out.

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